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Raz A. Isac, Founding Partner
Design, Web Dev & Data

What about yourself?

Started and grew many projects, traveled far, helped where possible and I think we can help you too.

I’ve been helping people and companies achieve their highest goals for over 5 years, with each project learning the importance of various aspects of growing a project, learning from failure and success alike. Travelled Europe by bike just to prove that everything is possible as long as your desire is strong enough.

What about the world?

Amazing! All elements are unique and that’s the beauty of the network that we have available nowadays.

Matteo Volani, Founding Partner
Marketing & Business Development

What about yourself?

Working for Red Bull during my bachelor helped me to understand early on the crucial importance of marketing and communication in building businesses. This led me to discover India and work for a year in one of the most fast-paced startup ecosystems in the world, Bangalore, where i founded the company I run for almost two years between Bangalore and Rotterdam. After a short period of freelancing and collaborations with fast growing startups like Bisner, I am now based in Berlin.

What about the world?

Is big, beautiful and diverse.  We are at the dawn of a hyper-connected world, it’s on us to embrace it and do impactful actions in order to make it better and more equal.


Nelly Boom

Visual artist and designer based in Kazan, Russia.

Ioana Ishikawa Constantin

Experienced blogger and fashion entrepreneur.


Gianluca Bellan

Experienced growth hacker and growth manager.
Gianluca is a key figure in the startup ecosystem of Rotterdam with invaluable experience in growing companies. Our advisor, collaborator and networker in the Netherlands.

Mircea Ibadof

Mircea is representing Akasha Film, an independent media production company, founded by young filmmakers willing to extend their expertise and talent in areas such as music videos, commercials and internet content. We love technology and we’re always looking for what’s new out there so we can better implement production solutions.

Extensive network

Years of collaborations, building companies and drinking in pubs of many cities across Europe and Asia led us to build a solid and extensive network of professionals & companies who collaborate with us to provide you the best services.

How we work

People are the best thing
that can happen to you
Embrace collaboration
Do what you like
Be who you wanna be
Exit your comfort zone
Be curious
Express creativity
Use tech for good
Create value for others
Embrace changes
Stimulate innovation
Build things

Love life

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